Search Engine Retrievals And Submissions

Achieve 100% success rate with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine retrievals or submissions by utilizing our data acquisition backend. Field expertise applied to ensure your business can grow without search engine limitations.

We address a major need in industry by providing IP rotation services to search engine submission, keyword ranking or data warehousing companies who need to work on data acquired by or submitted to search engines.

Those who do regular submissions to search engines often find out that their submissions are limited since more than a certain amount of requests coming from a single IP address within a specified timeframe is not allowed.

Likewise, If you try to search keywords related to your business, say for example to check your own keyword rankings frequently, you will find out that your efforts are returned with errors.

Our data acquisition backend solves this problem by changing IP numbers and hosts at pre-configured times.

When we were doing submissions for ourselves and checking our own keyword rankings, we often found out that our requests are being rejected. Few of our clients voiced the same concerns and asked us to provide an alternative for them since we are specialized in data acquisition services. That is how we started developing our own proprietary IP rotation system in house and achieved the results we want to obtain: Continuous data retrieval or submissions without being limited by engines! 

However, this was an inefficient and costly process therefore we had to apply business algorithms to master the engines. It took us close to 1 year to polish our final product and our enterprise data acquisition backend now can successfully interact with the engines at all times with minimal cost to the client.

Our operations are extremely simple: We assign each client a single host and port to use and they connect their backend programs or software to our server and everything works seamlessly. The client needs to specify only a single address in their program and does not need to change any settings from then on. Everything is being done automatically on our servers. Depending on setups, we usually rotate IP addresses every few minutes from our IP pool. This allows our clients to dispatch or retrieve requests continuously to search engine companies without worrying about restrictions that can be imposed on them. As a result, the client business can grow without search engine limitations.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Craigslist, Amazon, Ebay from top tiers and many others are supported off the box. For the rest, we work with you to achieve your goals.

Who can benefit from Search Engine Retrieval and Submission service?

The use of our services are very broad depending on client needs and requests. However, those are likely to benefit the most from our service:

- Search Engine Submission Companies
- Search Engine Harvesting Companies
- Quantity and Quality Analysis Companies
- Counterfeiting and Intelligence Companies


Service Features

  • 15 years of expertise in online data retrieval, reliable and solid service from a trusted company
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Simple configuration, transparent, scalable and highly customizable
  • Gigabit network with 100 Mbps burstable bandwidth allocated to each client
  • Massive 0.5 million hits per month in starter package
  • Unique IPs allocated to each client -- your IPs are not shared with others
  • Comprehensive reporting (*subject to client permission as per EU laws)
  • Active work with client to eliminate soft and hard blocks, fully automated when required
  • 100% success with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other SE retrievals for the client
  • Unrivalled service with no competition

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