What our service is NOT

We provide a backend for enterprise data acquisition. Our service is not a proxy service. We don't give you lists of proxy IPs to use or ever-changing entry points. There is only a single IP address and port number you will ever need to use with us throughout your stay. It is:


*you will need firewall access to connect to port 5

Our service is not a SPAM disposal depot. You can use all TCP/IP and UDP protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, Whois, etc.) with us and you can send emails to your opt-in mailing lists through our IPs. However, a single SPAM report will violate our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy and if verified, all your usage rights will be revoked and contract terminated without refund. We don't take SPAM lightly here and we detest it to great extent partly because of the 125K SPAM connections a day we get to our email addresses.

Our service does not run on botnets, open/hacked proxies, Thor computer users and other potentially illegal nuisances of internet. We control every resource we have. Visit 85000 IPs page for further explanation.

Our service is not a breeding ground for BlackHat SEO or other get-rich-quick Internet Marketing techniques. We will not allow you to spread your filth through our servers.

Our service does not run on DSL services where the owner abuses his ISPs service by quickly disconnecting and connecting his DSL line to get a new dynamic IP.

Our service is not a sign-up-and-forget-it operation. Despite service being simple, transparent, scalable and highly customizable;
we actively work with each and every one of our clients day-by-day basis, assist and advise them accordingly during daily operations (*). After all, most of them are here for our expertise. If you just want to utilize our IP rotation backend, this also is possible with our autopilot option -- we just leave you do what you would like to do without any interaction.

* requires client permission as per EU laws for logging and reporting