X5 Networks, the leading producer of enterprise data acquisition, IP rotation and data triangulation services, is a privately-held company in operation since 1996.

Found on a rock solid technical base, our goal is to continuously innovate and create new services while offering seamless integration of our work in client internet endeavors with minimal effort on their part. We are an indispensable part of many peoples' lives. Armed with this knowledge, backed by our 100% uptime guarantee, secure datacenter infrastructure, extremely fast servers and access times, round robin DNS distribution over geographically different networks and nameservers, we have proven we have deserved the trust of many who rely on us for their daily operations.


We are a company of many firsts on internet:

  • First commercial proxy service on internet: somebody.net. Meet Andrew Mitchell, our oldest client still with us after 13 years!
  • First Enhanced DNS provider on internet before invention of gTLDs like .mobi, .info. [This service is standard by all DNS servers now.]
  • First commercial Internet Telephony - VoIP proxy service on internet: somebody.net
  • First commercial IRC and ICQ proxy service on internet. proxy.miami.fl.us
  • First commercial streaming media (real audio, vdo etc.) proxy service on internet.
  • First proxy rotation service on internet. proxy.us
  • First IP rotation and port rotation service on internet for enterprise: disappear.com
  • First data triangulation, geographic IP rotation service on internet: disappear.com


Our expertise area is mission critical data and internet servers, cryptography and encryption, security and firewalls. We have helped many companies experience trouble-free internet presence amongst all those inevitable dangers that surround any entity opening to internet.

Contacts us about our client referrals and to find out how we can help your business.


Phone: 800.784.5228

Email: sales@x5.net


20121 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 302

Woodland Hills, 91384, CA