Beware of unscrupulous individuals offering you ridiculous amounts of IP addresses they don't own. Those are botnets, open proxies, or Thor network computers whose resources are abused without their owner's consent. In most jurisdictions, this will make you liable for legal action and punitive damages.
We have direct control over all the IP addresses we allocate to our clients. Why take risks with your operations?


IP addresses are scarce commodity.

Usable IP (IPv4) space is estimated to be depleted by 2012. Global registrars take stringent actions to ensure proper use of their allocated IPv4 addresses. This in most cases requires usage justification for each and every IP address an entity is assigned to.

Resource depletion coupled with the cost of an IP address reaching around $6 per annum in majority of cases makes it prohibitive to operate on such vast inventory unless you happen to be a Fortune 500 Telecommunication company.

So how is this done?

  • Majority of these offers operate on open or hacked proxies without their owners' knowledge or consent.
  • Rest work on botnets, known also as zombie computers. Botnets are groups of compromised (hacked) personal computers that are acquired through the use of viruses, trojans, Operating System exploits or other malware. Botnets are major internet threat since they emanate 96% of all unsolicited commercial mail. Botnets are also used actively on DDOS attacks against networks and organizations and are a major originator of internet extortion cases. In all cases, the owners' of these computer have no knowledge of what is happening or how their computers are being used.
  • A minor percentage utilizes Thor (spelt intentionally) computers which are mostly located in restrictive ISP environments since the computer owners' sole purpose is to do what the ISP restricted them to do in the first place. Most of the time these individuals think they are bypassing their ISP and have no knowledge of entire internet population being routed through their computers.
  • Some others abuse their ISP's DSL ToS by quickly disconnecting and connectiong their lines to get a new DSL IP address from their ISP.
  • In all cases... Those computer meshes, since they are personal computers with limited internet connections, are slow, congested, unreliable, cause frequent service interruptions and those offering the service do it from throwaway websites, emails, or domains with no history. You would be hard-pressed to find any of them with more than a single year in existence or any contact details except an email or a PayPal account registered to a person in Romania or Russia.
  • In all cases... utilizing any of these networks is illegal and will make you liable for legal consequences in their jurisdictions.