IP Rotation
Our flagship service. We automatically rotate IP addresses at random intervals or at pre-configured times from our pool of server farms. Your outgoing IP address constantly change, therefore, destination restrictions are lifted. Clients have the option of controlling their IP addresses allocated to their perusal. Operation is simple, transparent, automatic and effective. Application scenarios are endless.

We assign each client a single host and port to use and they connect their backend programs or software to our server and everything works seamlessly. The client needs to specify only a single address in their program and does not need to change any settings from then on. Everything is being done automatically on our servers. Depending on setups, we usually rotate IP addresses every few minutes from our IP pool.

Client has the following options:

  • Pre-configured IPs: IP rotation takes place at 1 minute intervals. Every minute, your IP address will change to a different one. Setup is automatic, client has no control.
  • Random IPs: Each connection initiated by the client is assigned a randomly rotating IP. Setup is automatic, client has no control.
  • Burst IPs: IP addresses are rotated per specified number of hits, usually 10. If you initiated 10 connections, your 11th will be from a different IP. This is perfect option for bursts of hits at short intervals. Say you want to dispatch 10,000 hits in a second, this option would take care of it where they all would go out from the same IP in pre-configured IP option. Setup is automatic, client has no control.
  • Specific IPs: Client can choose which IP address he wants to use for the outgoing connection by specifying it in his software. For example, connection to x5.net:5/ will send out your connection from IP address

Basic package contains 24 IP addresses rotated every minute with 0.5 Million hits or connections per month. This is enough for majority of our clients. We work actively with you and customize your options so that you can achieve your goals with minimal resources.

All TCP/IP and UDP protocols are supported. HTTP and HTTPS connections can utilize all rotation options. However some rotation options might not be available depending on your usage requirements. Please inquire.


Who can benefit from IP rotation service?

The use of our services are very broad depending on client needs and requests. Those are likely to benefit the most from our service:
- Search Engine Submission and Retrieval Companies
- Keyword Ranking Companies
- SEO Companies
- Quantity and Quality Analysis Companies obtaining their resources from the web
- Any company that needs to spider or harvest web sites to obtain their raw data
- Any company that visits the same web site continuously and does not want to get restricted
- Data mining, Data warehousing, Data harvesting Companies
- Counterfeiting and Intelligence Companies
- Business Intelligence Companies


Service Features

  • 15 years of expertise in online data retrieval, reliable and solid service from a trusted company
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Simple configuration, transparent, scalable and highly customizable
  • Gigabit network with 100 Mbps burstable bandwidth allocated to each client
  • Massive 0.5 million hits per month in starter package
  • Unique IPs allocated to each client -- your IPs are not shared with others
  • Comprehensive reporting (*subject to client permission as per EU laws)
  • Active work with client to eliminate soft and hard blocks, fully automated when required
  • 100% success with Google, Yahoo and other SE retrievals for the client
  • Unrivalled service with no competition

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