What is IP Rotation?

IP rotation refers to rotating or changing IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of our servers at random intervals. Instead of having a single outgoing IP address on internet-facing daemons, services or servers, we change IP addresses so we are not bound to a single location.

We deploy different IP rotating strategies in our IP platform (as per client requirements):

  • Pre-configured IPs: IP rotation takes place at 1 minute intervals. Every minute, your IP address will change to a different one. Setup is automatic, client has no control.
  • Random IPs: Each connection initiated by the client is assigned a randomly rotating IP. Setup is automatic, client has no control.
  • Burst IPs: IP addresses are rotated per specified number of hits, usually 10. If you initiated 10 connections, your 11th will be from a different IP. This is perfect option for bursts of hits at short intervals. Say you want to dispatch 10,000 hits in a second, this option would take care of it where they all would go out from the same IP in pre-configured IP option. Setup is automatic, client has no control.
  • Specific IPs: Client can choose which IP address he wants to use for the outgoing connection by specifying it in his software. For example, connection to x5.net:55/ will send out your connection from IP address

Our proprietary IP rotation infrastructure provides the basis for our Enterprise Data Acquisition Backend.