We provide diverse range of features for your data acquisition and retrieval requirements. Each client is assisted by our team of  data experts and our services are backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We work actively with you to ensure your success although you have the option of just connecting to our backend for autopilot operations without any interaction from us.
In short, whatever form of data you require, you will get it with us.

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Our flagship service. We automatically rotate IP addresses at random intervals or at pre-configured times from our pool of server farms. Your outgoing IP address constantly change, therefore, destination restrictions are lifted. Clients have the option of controlling their IP addresses allocated to their perusal. Operation is simple, transparent, automatic and effective. Application scenarios are endless.


Achieve 100% success rate with Google, Yahoo and other search engine retrievals or submissions by utilizing our data acquisition backend. Field expertise applied to ensure your business can grow without search engine limitations.


Many organizations employ price gouging or data distortion features based on the locality of their visitors. Data triangulation is a technique that facilitates validation of data through cross-verification from two or more sources. Our geographic distribution of IP addresses allow you to examine and verify your destination contents from various localities. You can be in Boston, Texas, London, Johannesburg or Sydney at the same moment. This differs from our regular random IP rotation service where client locality is not important since data distribution is uniform regardless of locality. Automatic IP rotation does not allow client choice at each exact hit since it is not necessary. With our Geographically rotating IPs, client is able to choose exactly where he wants to be, whenever he wants to be.


Business intelligence refers to techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, such as list of products and their costs. They provide historical, current, and predictive views of business activity. They are crucial to your company's success when applied properly since they provide 360 degree view of your competitors' operations. Online analytical processing, quantative and qualitative analysis, data mining, data harvesting are all parts of business intelligence. Your competitors would employ measures to minimize your access to their otherwise public data. By utilizing our data acquisition backend, you can overcome all these obstacles.