A. Government Involvement


Question 146. What is NIST?
Question 147. What Role Does NIST Play in Cryptography?
Question 148. What is the NSA?
Question 149. What Role Does the NSA Play in Commercial Cryptography?

2. Clipper and Capstone

Question 150. What is Capstone?
Question 151. What is Clipper?
Question 152. How does the Clipper Chip Work?
Question 153. Who are the Escrow Agencies?
Question 154. Why is Clipper Controversial?
Question 155. What is the Current Status of Clipper?
Question 156. What is Fortezza?

3. Digital Signature Law

Question 157. What is the Law Concerning Digital Signatures?

B. Standards

1. ANSI Standards

Question 158. What is ANSI X9.9?
Question 159. What is ANSI X9.17?
Question 160. What are ANSI X9.30 and ANSI X9.31?
Question 161. What are ANSI X9.42 and ANSI X9.44?

2. ITU-T (CCITT) Standards

Question 162. What are Distinguished Names?
Question 163. What is X.400?
Question 164. What is X.435?
Question 165. What is X.509?


Question 166. What is PKCS?

4. Other Standards

Question 167. What is IEEE P1363?
Question 168. What is ISO/IEC 9798?
Question 169. What is ISO/IEC 9979?
Question 170. What are the Orange and Red Books?
Question 171. What is TEMPEST?

C. Products

Question 172. What is PGP?
Question 173. What is RIPEM?